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K’NEX Thrill Rides Son of Serpent Coaster

K’NEX Thrill Rides Son of Serpent Coaster Detail

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K’NEX Thrill Rides Son of Serpent Coaster Description

The wait is finally over! In response to overwhelming requests for a classic-style K’NEX Coaster, K’NEX is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and its fans in a BIG way with the Son of Serpent Coaster! This absolutely HUGE model is built entirely from over 5,500 Classic-K’NEX pieces including rods, connectors, and 53 feet of original tube-style track. Measuring 8 feet x 5 feet x 6 feet and including three K’NEX motors and speakers for your MP3 player, this enormous coaster sends five sleek …

With over 5,000 individual pieces, children can enjoy lots of building and playing fun with the K’NEX Son of Serpent Coaster Play Set. The mammoth K’NEX Son of Serpent stands over five feet tall and seven feet long with more than 53 feet of original tube track that will keep any child entertained for hours. The K’NEX Serpent Coaster is made from a durable plastic build, with an authentic steel roller coaster design, five coaster cars and three motorized chain lifts and 16 K’NEXmen charac…

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